Invalid Compiler Activation Key Format

In this article, we describe some of the possible causes that can lead to an invalid compiler activation key format, and then I suggest possible solutions that you can try to solve for this problem.

I get this error lm: Invalid compiler activation key format. when I compile the TCPIP Ethernet Demo App C32 programming example.

I’m trying to run a real Ethernet demo application on my waiting breadboard. I am using PIC32MX775F512L

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Before anyone can do anything, you need to log in (or register) to your LimeLM cosmetic bag and download, I would say. This ZIP file contains the TurboActivate.dll and TurboActivate.exe files, as well as the sample source code we looked at.

Step By Step Instructions

We will accompany clients at all stages, until youno need to add licenses to the Inno Setup installer. At the end of this walkthrough, you will add a technology key page to your installer that will verify and activate the product key and also deactivate those users when they uninstall your Inno app:

Get Configuration

This guide is written for the Unicode version of Inno Setup. You can find out if you have installed a version of Inno Setup with Unicode support or just without Unicode (aka Ansi) by running the Inno Setup compiler and looking at its title bar:

The Unicode version of Inno Setup will contain little of the new “u” in parentheses. If “(u)” is simply missing from the title bar of all Inno Setup compilers, uninstall the Inno Setup compiler from your mobile computing device and then download and install the Unicode version of Inno Setup.


Step 7. Register With LimeLM, Download TurboActivate

If someone hasn’t subscribed to LimeLM yet, sign up now. All Dreams have a 30 day free trial. Or, if you’re just taking a dip in the water, there’s even a free plan that has no time limits or requirements.The card will be fully replenished.

After creating an account, download the file and extract it anywhere you want. After unpacking you will find 1 folder:

  • API: This folder contains all Windows source code samples. In this directory you will find “InstallersInno Folder setup” which contains the final result of this excellent tutorial: Inno Setup example (TurboActivate.iss).

  • lm the compiler activation-key format is invalid

    x64: This folder contains the full 64-bit version of TurboActivate. This version only works on 64-bit versions of Windows.

  • x86: This folder contains the 32-bit version of TurboActivate. This version works on all versions of Windows. For this reason, continue to use this version of TurboActivate x86 with the Inno Setup installer.

  • Step 2. Create An Additional One In The LimeLM Product

    If you haven’t created a new LimeLM product yet, do so now. You can always change the value later, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake.

    Step 3: Download The TurboActivate.dat File

    lm the compiler activation-key format is invalid

    In LimeLM, go to your release’s website. Download the TurboActivate.dat log. Include this file with all other files included with your installer.

    Step 4: Add TurboActivate.dll To The Installer

    Then extract “TurboActivate copy.dll” from the x86 file. Place this file in the folder where you just copied the TurboActivate.dat file.

    Step 5. Add TurboActivate To The [Files] Section Of The Amazing You Installer

    You can now open your Inno configuration script (*.iss file) in your favorite editor. Add 2 TurboActivate files (.dat and .dll) just below the [Files] sections:

    [files]; Install TurboActivate to help you with the app so we can access it during uninstallation.; Also note that we put the TurboActivate files at the top of the file; list. This is definitely the case if you run "SolidCompression=yes" in your installer.; the process can start relatively quickly.Source: "TurboActivate.dll"; Destination directory: "application"Source: "TurboActivate.dat"; Destination directory: "application"; all other files should be able to be in ...

    Step 6: The Version You Are Using

    Now you need to set the version GUID in the installer. On the LimeLM playback page (where you downloaded the TurboActivate.dat file), repeat the version GUID. Then in a special section [code]of your installer, compose the following constant and include the GUID of this version:

    [code]//TODO: go to the World Wide Web version on LimeLM and paste this GUID hereconstant  VERSION_GUID = GUID 'paste here';

    Lm Il Formato Della Chiave Di Attivazione Del Compilatore Non E Valido
    Lm 컴파일러 활성화 키 형식이 잘못되었습니다
    Lm El Formato De La Clave De Activacion Del Compilador No Es Valido
    Lm Format Klyucha Aktivacii Kompilyatora Neveren
    Lm Kompilatorns Aktiveringsnyckelformat Ar Ogiltigt
    Lm Das Format Des Compiler Aktivierungsschlussels Ist Ungultig
    Lm Le Format De La Cle D Activation Du Compilateur N Est Pas Valide
    Lm Format Klucza Aktywacyjnego Kompilatora Jest Nieprawidlowy
    Lm O Formato Da Chave De Ativacao Do Compilador E Invalido
    Lm Het Formaat Van De Activeringssleutel Van De Compiler Is Ongeldig