The Easiest Way To Fix JVC Radio Error Code

Today’s guide is intended to help you when you receive a jvc Radio Error Code.


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10-1. Error Code Explanation

—If an error occurs, write down the error code before closing the utility, unless the problem is Urgent

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jvc radio error code

This article is designed to help users fix the JVC H/W error and get rid of it permanently.

There are two options, one is a reliable manual reset and the other is often a hard reset. But before discussing the solutions, let’s first understand what causes this problem?

What Causes A JVC Hardware Error?

How do I reset my JVC radio?

Step one – press two buttons at the same time. First, locate the “ON” button and the dedicated “Select” button on your JVC device. Now press these two regular equipments at the same time.Step two is a system reset. Press and hold the control buttons for about six seconds.

While this is a simple problem with JVC car stereos, there is currently very little information available on some of the causes of annoying hardware bugs lingering in JVC car stereos. However, based on our experience and extensive research, each of us has found a few issues that you canencounter this problem:

Bluetooth Connection Problem

Bluetooth issue is the most common problem that causes errors. In a large percentage of cases, this is a compatibility issue between your stereo system and the Bluetooth device. You can diagnose this by connecting another Bluetooth tablet you have used before to a stereo headset.

Bluetooth Memory Full

Sometimes people push the limits of the maximum set of Bluetooth devices stored in their stereo. In such cases, JVC home theater systems sometimes show sufficient hardware errors. You can try removing a small number of paired devices to see if the website fixes the problem.

Unknown Reasons

How do I get my JVC out of Protect Mode?

The best way to fix Protected Mode issues on your JVC car stereo is to disable everything and perform a factory reset. By doing this, you should be able to completely fix the problem in most cases without having to replace or repair anything.

Besides the two we discussed, there may be other helpless Bluetooth or software ants causing this issue. For

Ways To Fix H/W Error In JVC Car Stereo

Despite the fact that the user is annoyed by the appearance of an error message on the screen, a hardware error is not a seriousknow the problem. You can usually get rid of it shortly after these steps-

Restart Your Device

Disconnect any Surface Flash devices, drives, or CDs connected to your stereo. Now focus on your car. Disconnect the destructive terminal of the car battery, leaving it for a minute or so.

jvc radio error code

Then reconnect the electric ignition and the engine. You should now be able to use the Bluetooth function without hardware errors.

Reset Preferences

If you don’t get a working stereo with the first button, you should do a factory reset by resetting your JVC stereo.

In 99% of the cases this will fix the error and let someone with the stereo decide what you need.

Contact The JVC

If you’ve tried everything and the problem persists, take your device to the nearest JVC service center and get help.


The H/W-JVC bug will be annoying, but it’s not really a serious problem. If anyone is having trouble with a recurring problem in your car stereo system, follow the instructions in this article to solve it once and for all!