Failed To Initialize Flash Player Installation? Fix It Immediately

It seems that some of our readers have encountered a known bug that caused the Flash Player installation to fail to initialize. This issue can occur due to several factors. Let’s get to know them below.

From what I now see here and on Google, in your ownthe advanced version has serious problems.

Most down to them, so you’re 10.3. (last xxxxxxxxxx) installed with no errors, but I’d say the last one doesn’t.

I went through Win XP Pro and tried everything including uninstalling the previous version which worked. This failed and I was able to do a short multi-level restore to at least restore some version that shows You Videos Tube.

I’m tired of accepting all these flash player obsolescence hints.

Adobe doesn’t ask for a bootable product, which sometimes fails to even install.

PLEASE give people step-by-step instructions on how to solve this problem.

Or update the version. I can’t even give the version number because it disappeared from my downloads folder after the last failed attempt.

Please note that this post is a year old and may contain outdated information.

Sometimes when trying to install the Adobe Flash plug-in without question in a web browser, an effective error message can appear: “Adobe, like Flash Player, could not be initialized.” If you canwant to do this, a possible solution is to refer to

Complete Offline Flash Installer

directly from the Adobe Marketplace. Here is the direct link: There is a master table for 32-bit and a table for 64-bit that matches your specific operating system type. The right choice for any operating system. If possible, download multiple EXE installers instead of the full MSI installer as additional requirements may be checked.

This solution may not work for everyone, but it does offer a solution for me from multiple computers. This is also useful when installing Flash Player on a regular computer without an Internet connection.

Yechiel Erps December 13, 2015
I followed your link, ran the chosen EXE installer, AND IT WORKS! THANK YOU!

Juanitah Ntambi Precious February 6, 2014
Wonderful effect on me. I figured out my registry was still dirty so it got delayed playing version 11 and I used the renovo uninstaller to clean up the extra registry, viola! Thank you very much

Miri Mr. Erez, December 15, 2012
Yes. It did. Thank you.

Ed Mitchell, November 24, 2012
OH GOD, it worked!!! – I really liked the music while watching – the real player was installed “failed” and I had to reinstall, but I could not – one day it solved the problem!! THANK YOU!!!

Kara Jones, August 5, 2012
Finally, the last few days I’ve been trying to update the flash!! Thanks 🙂

install flash player failed to initialize

Amaad Hassan, June 26, 2012
flash drive not working, help me.

How do I manually install Flash?

Run the installer. Once the download is complete, open the main downloads folder and locate the tech file.Allow Flash to check for updates.The installer will now find Flash.Flash is now installed.

Hendar Thomas, May, March 2012
same here after 50 failed initialization attempts, which is often a problem

Angela Dudley, April 9, 2012
Hurrah! It worked great! Like! Thank you!

Julianne Hearns Marcoghiseppe, April-August 2012
Ok, so that also failed to initialize… Now what?

Tina Ward, March 6, 2012
I don’t know much about my laptop and have tried everything suggested but still didn’t want to set it up, it didn’t “not initialize” every time but I found page of your site and clicked on your link, and hey, you don’t have a flash player, thanks

  • How do I fix Adobe Flash Player download failed?

    Be sure to enable Flash Player in Chrome.Be sure to allow Flash Player after the website.Update your Chrome browser as well as Flash Player.Update your video card driver.Reinstall flash player.Clear your browser cache.

    Failed to install Flash Player…

    How do I fix Adobe Flash Player application initialization error?

    Create an empty text file named ADM. Tracking on the %temp% submission page (C:UsersAppDataLocalTemp).Run the online installer. When the exact initialization error is displayed, click Finish to close the window.Download Adobe_ADM.Post a link to downloaded signal files in your answer.

    For some reason, when I try to update my flash printer, I get an error because installation completed that says Flash Player cannot be installed because it may currently be using an older version . I tried uninstalling Flash Player but for some good reason I keep getting this error and also can’t update all my Flash 10.1 players. At the moment I have version 0.0 but for some reason I can’t uninstall the version I have and install the latest version? Help, I could really use it. Thank you.

    What is the version of this NPSWF32.dll file?

    In any case, it should have been removed using the uninstaller. Try fixing the problem manually.

  • How do I fix Adobe Installer error failed to initialize?

    Reinstall the Creative Cloud desktop app. In the search box on the Places screen, type control and click Control Panel.Rename the OBE folder. Open File Explorer from the taskbar.Restore the Adobe Creative Cloud app.Reinstall using the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool.

    Unable to install Adobe Flash Player


    27″ iMac 3 Late 2009

    Adobe FlashPlayerInstaller_14au_ltrosxd_aaa_aih.dmg

    Install Adobe Player Flash version

    Safari 7.0.3

    install flash player failed to initialize


    I get the previous error when trying to install. I liked uninstallAdobe Tor but when I try to reinstall it I get exactly the same error.

    I also ran the new setup twice, which worked, although I had to update Flash twice to no avail.

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