The Best Way To Fix A Windows Vista Recovery Disc

If you are getting an hp Windows Vista Recovery Disk Error message, today’s guide will help you.


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This document applies only to HP desktop computers shipped with Windows Vista. It is NOT suitable for HP laptops.

How do I make a recovery disk for my HP laptop?

In the Task Nightclub search box, look for “Create a recovery disc” and then select it.When this tool opens, make sure the “Back up system files to speed up recovery” option is selected, then click Next.Connect your USB flash drive to your computer, select it, and then click Next.Select Create.

This document explains how to restore your computer to its original factory state. This explanation is divided into sections on various system recovery methods. Use one of your sections that works best for your holds. Please read ALL warnings before attempting a system restore!


Before restoring your computer, be sure to back up your important programs. This HP recovery process also includes a backup feature to help you save important data.

Original recovery from recovery discs

: Use your partition when the hard drive has been replaced or damaged and you now have a set of recovery discs. Recovery discs can be created by HP or specifically by a laptop or computer’s Recovery Disc Creator.

Running System Restore will completely erase and reformat your hard drive, including virtually all of the data files you planned and stored on your hard drive. System Restore reinstalls the system, driver software, and drivers. Software that was probably not installed on the factory installed computer will need to be reinstalled. Be prepared to reinstall software that probably didn’t come with your computer in the first place.Uter. After the recovery is complete, you can set up an Internet connection, install antivirus software, receive all critical Windows updates, virus definition updates, and antispyware updates.


If your computer was upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Vista, System Restore will replace Vista with XP. Windows Vista requires system restore even after reinstallation.


HP personal computers shipped with Microsoft Windows Vista do not ship with protective discs. Instead, they use a storage (partition) on the hard drive where the recovery information is stored. Using a hidden partition provides this convenient process, eliminating the need for recovery discs that can get lost or scratched. You can create the recovery discs required for Windows Vista using Recovery Manager.

Running Data Recovery From Hard Drive To Computer Is Disabled

How do I get a HP recovery disk?

If recovery media is available frequently, click it, click Order Media, and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete your order.If wearingIf the recovery file is not in the available software database, it may not be available at this time.

If Windows Vista does not open and the recovery partition on your hard drive is working properly, you can perform a system restore by following the appropriate procedure:


If the RECOVERY or FACTORY_IMAGE partitions on the hard drive have been deleted OR the files in those panels have been deleted, these steps will definitely not work. Whether to use discs.

  1. Turn off your computer if it is not already turned off. All

  2. Disconnect connected devices and cables such as personal media player, USB tokens, printer, and fax. Completely remove the disc holder and recently remove all other internal hardware. Do not unplug the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cable from the same person.

  3. Turn on your computer and press the F11 key several times per second until Recovery Manager opens.

    Figure: Recovery Manager: Welcome, Recovery Manager can do it

  4. Click More Options, then


    The screen will open. n additional options.

    Rice. : Recovery Manager advanced options

  5. Select Restore My Computer to its Original Factory Settings, then click Next.

  6. Recovery Manager allows you to save data files. To do this, read

    Back up your files


    hp window vista recovery disk

    To treat, select “No” and then just “Next”.

    Rice. : Recovery Manager: Screen backup with option

  7. The Recovery Credit screen will open. Please wait until the files are actually restored.

    Rice. : Recovery Manager: restore factory image

  8. When System Restore is complete, click Finish.

    Figure: Manager: Restoration Restoration completed

  9. hp window vista recovery disk

    The computer will restart and continue installing Windows.

    On the Windows setup screen, select the desired installation language, it will reappear. Then click

    with the mouseNext



    This option is only available on certain models, depending on whether your computer supports multipleOnly languages ​​or no.

    Numeric Dial: Windows Up Screen: English Language Selection Screen

  10. On the “Check your region and keyboard settings” screen, select the appropriate settings supported by your current location. Here is an example of Hong Kong settings for reference:

  11. Save to Country or City.Time

  12. In the currency field, select Chinese (Traditional Hong Kong SAR).

  13. Select US in Keyboard Layout Engine.

  14. Rice. : Checking the local settings screen and keyboard

When all settings are complete, click “Next”.

  • How do I restore my HP desktop to factory settings without a disk?

    Start your computer and press and hold the F11 key several times.On the Choose an Option screen, click Troubleshoot.Click Reset PC.On the Restart your computer screen, click Next.Also read and react to all open screens.Wait while Windows restarts your computer.

    On the license terms screen, mostly

    I accept the license terms

    ​​one by one and together with


    How do I restore my HP Windows Vista to factory settings without CD?

    Turn on the computer.Click and press the F8 key.On the Advanced Boot Options screen, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.Press Enter.Log in as an administrator.When the command prompt appears, type: rstrui.exe.Press Enter.


    Rice. : License terms screen