What Is Dell Latitude E6400 Blue Screen Stuck And How To Fix It?

If you have turned off the dell Latitude E6400 with a blue screen on your PC, this guide should help. Blue screen errors occur when: Windows encounters an error that cannot be fixed without losing data. Windows detects that critical business information about the operating system has been corrupted. Windows detects a fatal hardware failure.

I bought a new Dell XPS 14Z 14″ laptop with Windows 7 Premium installed. However, from the very beginning, I had a few failures that made me regret the purchase. The laptop works very well, but sometimes when I try to turn it off, it won’t It’s just that the blue window with the stop sign didn’t turn off perfectly.

dell latitude e6400 blue screen shutdown

The second problem is even more dangerous. Blue screen if it appears a day or two right now and I never know what is the reason. This screen of death comes out of nowhere out of the blue, I scanned the computer and no trace of the virus. Only this database file, tixhci.sys, is visible on the screen. Notebook

It is very good in terms of hardware, 2.5 i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive and 1 GB graphics card,

Why does my laptop keep shutting down with a blue screen?

A blue screen occurs when Windows encounters a critical error that prevents the operating system from using it. These critical errors can be the specific result of faulty hardware, faulty low-level hardware drivers, or inaccurate or low-level applications residing in the Windows kernel.

PS, I don’t know much about BIOS, so please tell me step by step if the problem is hardware related,

Thank you very much for your special response, Dave. Now I have the only driver that was causing the problem on my laptop.

dell latitude e6400 blue screen shutdown

This was the bus driver for the Intel Wifi Link 5300AGN card. The driver was This driver was sent to me by Dell in November and is usually the newer driver. I found the most recent version ( on the Intel website and tried it, but this task had the same problem – the laptop wouldn’t turn off and hence I got the 9F blue screen. I played around with intensive driver settings and found that the option is checked: “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. I disabled it and now the laptop shuts down properly every time. Result!

I’ve followed their process of disabling many drivers, enabling one, trying to disable, etc., repeating the cycle, isolating the driver that might be causing it. One factor I noticed is that Vista doesn’t support any hardware, no added profiles – too bad – that would certainly be helpful, but other than that the steps were exactly like written.

Why is my Dell laptop shutting off by itself?

Dirty fan/overheating One of the first and most likely causes of a computer or mobile phone turning off accidentally, especially when you have to play a game, is overheating. This is the bane of most PCs, especially laptops, because the heat keeps you from getting anywhere.

Well, I’m relatively happy. I will inform Dell and Intel that these drivers are likely to experience power issues!

Recently I’ve been having problems with my Dell E6400 laptop. It suddenly freezes, maybe a blue screen [I’ve attached an image of it]. This often happens without the use of any particular technique. For example. Sometimes it happens when you are shopping, playing games, etc.

The WiFi lists also stopped working, although they worked for about a week, I don’t know if they have anything to do with the blue screen. WiFi turns blue when I turn on the button on the right side of the laptop, but this does not affect Windows:/

Note that this only affects XP SP3 windows, some other [Win 7] windows work fine. Not to mention, this windows guy had viruses last week [Hope I successfully got rid of it!]. Could this guy be causing this circle to fail?

Any idea what might be contributing to this error?

P.S. I’m not sure what useful information you need, but I’ll be glad to help. give you all the information you need.

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  1. System search engine hangs or stops responding
  2. Find error code
  3. Performing computer diagnostics
  4. Performing maintenance on your system
  5. Updating drivers and BIOS
  6. Checking the vents
  7. Type-safe symptom checking
  8. Windows Update
  9. Remove, reinstall, and update software
  10. Scan for multiple antivirus programs
  11. Check for multiple malware
  12. Computer stays in hibernation or sleep mode.
  13. Using the equipment recovery system
  14. Restore some settings when installing or reinstalling Microsoft Windows

How do I fix the blue screen of death on my Dell?

Perform a hard reset.Run a hardware diagnostic test.Turn off external devices.Run in sound mode with network.Troubleshooting Unknown Screensby yourself using SupportAssist.Repair missing or corrupted Windows system information.Update BIOS and drivers.Restore your current computer using Windows System Restore.

Dell Official Video (YouTube) – Troubleshooting Multiple System Crashes (English)

The System Hangs OrStops Responding

If your PC stops responding in Windows, you may be experiencing a PC lock issue. There are several steps you can take to determine the root cause of your computer freezing issue.

Note. Assuming the problem is recent, make a note of any recent hardware or software changes before you start troubleshooting, as undoing these newly released settings may be enough to quickly identify the problem.

The material component may be causing the error . Try disconnecting all Delaware devices from your computer, including: